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Carpet Avenue
Handknotted carpets

Your access to the most extensive range of handmade carpets.

We have carpets for everyone - here you will find everything from simple nomadic carpets, to handwoven state-of-the-art Kelims, beautiful timeless Persian handknotted carpets and a wide selection of exclusive pure silk warp carpets, for the most refined of tastes.

All our carpets are sourced directly from carpet producing countries without middle hands, which keeps our prices low so you as a customer can benefit from the best quality and market price. From the comfort of your home, browse through our selection and find exactly the carpet you are looking for.

Through our user-friendly website, with easy navigation and high resolution images, we strive to make your carpet shopping experience as convenient as possible.

Our passionate and experienced carpet experts will happily help you in the process of finding your carpet, a carpet that not only suits your needs, but that you can also enjoy for many years to come.

Welcome to the world of handknotted carpets, right at your fingertips:

CARPET AVENUE - Find Your Carpet Here!


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