Afghan Khal Mohammadi

150 x 196 cm

The name Khal Mohammadi is synonymous with exceptional craftsmans...Read more

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The colours of the carpet look different depending on the angle from which you look at it.

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Article numberDFA38716
Production typeHandknotted
Size150 x 196 cm
Thickness8 mm
AgeContemporary 0-20 years
Knots per m²~ 90 000 / m²

The name Khal Mohammadi is synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and unlike other carpet types where the name usually derives from the region where the carpet is knotted, Afghan Khal Mohammadi carpets are named after the person himself, Khal Mohammad, an Ersari Turkmen master dyer and rug maker from northern Afghanistan. Khal Mohammad was able to create exceptional carpets with natural dyes and it is said he was also the inventor of the warm red undertone in Afghan carpets. Today these carpets are woven by various weavers in and around Afghanistan as well as near the Pakistan border. Afghan Khal Mohammadi represent some of the best present day quality Afghan carpets with excellent wool and stunning colours. They are extremely durable and generally have a short pile which makes them easy to keep clean. They are highly aesthetic works of art that fit perfectly into almost any setting, modern and traditional alike. Their bold and simple patterns provide just the contrast or complement sought after.

A good quality price for a genuine handknotted carpet.

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