How to choose the right carpet for your home

Carpets are a very old art form. And each and every carpet is unique, with an own story to tell. 

Decorating with a handknotted carpet is a great way to give your home a personal look and style, defining your great taste and representing who you are. What better way of showing your personality and at the same time making your home stand out!

Whatever your budget, whatever the size of your home, whatever your needs, we at Carpet Avenue aim to cater for every taste and every budget.

Our comprehensive range includes everything from the most simple nomadic carpet to handwoven pieces of art to exclusive pure silk carpets, for the most refined of tastes.

Yes, the variations are endless - and our website is there to help you navigate through the process. We strive to make it easy and fun for you to browse through our selection and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our passionate carpet experts will happily help you in the process of finding your carpet, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.


Your Home, Your Space, Your Room - How to choose the right carpet for you

It all starts with…YOU.

When choosing a carpet for your home, it starts with answering a simple question: What do you want?

But as we all know, the simple things are not necessarily the easiest things.

In order to help you with your decision we have compiled a few tips and pointers to keep in mind that will help you find just the right carpet for your home and for your needs.


Define your carpet need

However you look at it, carpets have more than just an aesthetic purpose.

They are crafted to meet various needs. So start by defining your specific needs before anything else - make a list of your unique carpet requirements. What are your needs and wants? 

Some things to consider include foot traffic, pets, children and the possibility of spills and stains as well as lighting. High-trafficked spaces such as kitchens or hallways will need carpets that are more stain-resistant, resilient and durable. If you have kids rolling about and playing on the floor you will need a soft and plush carpet that also hold withstands constant use.

Part of our day-to-day work is to guide our customers and help them find just the right carpet for their specific needs. We ensure that by asking a wide range of questions about where the carpet will be placed, what kind of traffic it will be exposed to and what impact the carpet will have on the room - i.e. warming it up, enlarging, softening, acting as a focal point, or how to work with multiple carpets in one room. 

Come and explore how to find just the right carpet for you.


A carpet for every space and every room


Start with the obvious: Which room?

A carpet can help set the tone for an entire space. But choosing the right carpet all depends on which room you want to improve.



A bedroom carpet should turn the room into your own, quiet retreat.

Remember to keep out the noise, both sonar and visual.

Avoid bold, noisy carpet patterns in the bedroom that could disturb the peaceful surroundings. Make it extra cosy. Stick to wool and thicker piles. Chose for example a Gabbeh or Shaggy to bury your feet in as you get out of bed and be sure to steer away from carpets with peculiar features and vibrant colours. Keep it simple. 

And when it comes to size, go big!

Gabbeh / Shaggy


Living room

When choosing a carpet for your living room, think space + budget + mood - but not as a fixed formula. 

Why not let your carpet be the focal point of the room? Let your carpet make a statement, without overpowering the entire room rather aim to make it part of the overall decorative system. The larger the room, the more likely it is that the carpet will set the entire mood and determine the whole palette of everything you add.

The living room is your chance to showcase your personality. Anything goes - from color to pattern. Weave it in.

If you wish to complement a particular piece of furniture or a painting on the wall, chose that one and go with it. Always be careful not to overwhelm the room or it will have quite the opposite effect.

Living rooms usually have a nice floor covering, like wood or tiles. The carpet should still be small enough to allow and see at least some of it. If your living room is heavily frequented, we recommend a wool pile carpet. Wool is a great choice, it is easy to clean and it is easier to get rid of dirt in the pile.

Do you have a strangely shaped living room? Be creative: Lay a few carpets over each other so they overlap or arrange a group of smaller carpets throughout the room. You’ll be surprised at the visual feel this gives the room!


Dining room

A dining room carpet is the backdrop for all your family celebrations and quality time.

When choosing a carpet for the dining room think how frequently the chairs are moved around and also keep in mind the possibility of food or wine spilling. A durable woolen carpet with a darker colour scheme and detailed patterns will by far be the easiest to keep clean and withstand wear and tear for years to come.

Persian traditional


Entrance / Hallway

The hallways of your home and the entrance in particular sets the tone for all the surrounding rooms. Make sure you choose a carpet that feels welcoming and instantly enhances the personality of your home.

Chose a carpet that transports you into your home and foreshadows of what’s coming.

Be brave. Make your guests travel and merge into your space.

Opt for darker and warmer colours with detailed patterns that can hide dirt. You will need a durable carpet that can handle foot traffic, especially if you have a "no shoes" policy in your home. 

If you have doors that open into the hallway, be sure to choose a carpet where the pile is not too thick or else you might not be able to properly open and close the doors.

Nomad / Village


Size and shape

The biggest mistake most people make is buying a carpet that is too small.

A small carpet makes everything else feel out of proportion. Always remember: The carpet lays the foundation for what is standing or lying on it!


Make Sure to Get the Right Size

Carpets come in all shapes and sizes and since they are handknotted no two carpets can ever be exactly the same which is part of what makes them so special.

In general, choosing the right size of carpet depends on the dimensions of the room or space you want to cover.

Follow these guidelines to determine the size of the carpet that best suits your needs:

Measure the size of your room. Then measure it again, to be sure. 

Decide on the space in your room that you want to cover, where the carpet will be placed.

Put newspapers in the size of your future carpet on the designated floor area to determine the dimensions and get a general feel for what it will look like. Do you need it to be slightly bigger or perhaps a bit smaller? If you don’t have any newspapers you can always do the same spot check with some tape and draw the outline of the carpet this way. 

If you want to cover most of the floor, make sure to leave a minimum of 30-40 cm distance to separate the carpet from the wall.

If you are placing the carpet under a dining table, choose a carpet that is big enough so that when you sit at the table, the back legs of the chairs are on it with enough room to push back and get up from the table without damaging the sides of the carpet. Leave at least 30 cm from the edge of the table on all sides. In this way, the back legs of the chairs can remain on the carpet even when they are pulled out.

Runners should generally be at least 10 cm narrower than your hallway and 45 to 60 cm shorter. 


Experiment With Shapes

A carpet doesn’t need to be rectangular. Group your furnitures and let that lead you to the decision of the shape of your carpet. Which shape would look best? Maybe you could opt for a square, round or even oval shaped carpet instead?

And again: Try it out before making a final decision!



Do you love colour and colour combinations? So do we! But don’t spend hours trying to match them accurately. 

You won’t see it in nature. And it will definitely not be the case in your home. 

Quite the opposite, in fact. If you focus all your efforts on matching every last colour in your decorative scheme then chances are you will end up with an all too elaborated and artificial look. 

Instead, start with a few select colour tones. Chose a carpet with a variety of colors and elements that match the colours in your paintings, curtains or pillows. Or do it the other way round and pick up elements of your interior decoration with similar or matching ones in your carpet.

The advantage here is you don’t settle on only one aspect at a time and you create space and possibilities to change your colour concepts over the long lifespan of your carpet. The carpet will always last, the colours of i.e. your walls or curtains are likely to change.

Dark colours make your furnitures or any other objects appear smaller, whereas bright colors do the exact opposite. If you have limited space,  opt for a lighter carpet or a carpet without a central medallion to expand your room.

Stay calm and don’t get hung up with your colour matching.

Just apply the golden rule: Work with a theme color then use a carpet to highlight or accentuate that color. It might even be the second color in the carpet, but it will work well as a whole scene. Work with similar colour tones and think of your home as a rosebush. It’s unlikely that all colours will match. And the likelihood that there are dozens and dozens of them is high: different greens in the leaves, color gradations in the petals. And yet, that rosebush will always look perfect and beautiful. Make color work for you. And not the other way round. It’s easier than you think!



Persian and Oriental carpets are the perfect choice when creating a versatile creative interior concept. There is so much you can do: the sizes, the patterns, the colors - all will interact with the space in which youl put them. The options are indeed limitless. 

Persian and Oriental carpets are timeless and will just never go out of style. A traditional Persian carpet is a perfect way of adding color, style, nostalgia, tradition, value, taste, culture in a unique way - every handknotted carpet has its very own story to tell, just as your house. If you are looking for contrast then a traditional handknotted carpet in a modern interior will do just the trick!


...or Modern?

A modern style carpet will provide harmony and balance to your home. Modern carpets come in all shapes and sizes, with the most stunning colour combinations you can possibly think of.

Their most diverse designs give you countless opportunities to add a personal touch to any of your rooms, spaces and floors. 


Always have your budget in mind

A handknotted carpet should be seen as a great investment. Your carpet is unique, a one of a kind work of art that has its own personal story to tell. Instead of opting for a machine made carpet that will have to be replaced in a year or so, with proper care you can be sure your carpet will age beautifully and enjoyed for many years and possibly generations to come.  


Ask us!

And please ask lots of questions while you’re at it. Our customer service team is highly knowledgeable and will provide you with all the information you need. 

We are here to help you make your life easier, more fun and your home just the right place - with the right carpet for you!

Our overriding goal is to help you make your home beautiful, comfortable, and something you can be proud of by finding just the right carpet for you. 

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