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Wash & Repair

Handknotted and handwoven carpets are made to last for many years, even generations. Given the proper care and attention, they will age gracefully and with time become even more beautiful and valuable.

At Carpet Avenue we have a team of experts that specialize in washing and repairing of handknotted and handwoven carpets.

Whether you have a simple handknotted Persian carpet in need of a wash, a fine pure silk carpet or perhaps an antique carpet in need of restauration, it is important that you leave this to an experienced professional.


It is generally recommended that your handknotted or handwoven carpet is washed every 3-5 years.

Not only does a clean carpet look better - but it also lasts longer.

We provide expert hand washing services for handknotted woolen and silk carpets in need of a wash, removal of dust and stains to the extent this is possible.

Repair & Restauration

Whether your handknotted carpet has a hole and needs to be rewoven or perhaps fringes that are beginning to unravel and in need of binding, we can help you.

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